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‘The Yellow Book’ is the bi-monthly Parish Magazine of Steeple Bumpstead. It is prepared by volunteers and delivered by Parish Councillors to approximately 750 residential and business premises in and around the village.  The Editor is John Keen who may be contacted on 01440 730226 or via email editor@sb-yellowbook.org’

Superfast Broadband:

Superfast Broadband Update -Jan 2016

UK Government Satellite Broadband Scheme

The Satellite Broadband Scheme is now live and open for applications. It has been introduced to help those with the slowest speeds access a basic broadband service of at least 2Mbps, and is the technology which has been identified to help those areas indicated on the Superfast Essex interactive map as due for ‘Non-fibre upgrade (minimum 2Mbps) by 2016’. Full details and the link to apply is www.superfastessex.org/satellite.

Superfast Essex is the team within Essex County Council responsible for the BDUK fibre broadband rollout in the county. Up to date information on the progress of the Superfast Essex Programme may be found at their website www.superfastessex.org. It has a Rollout Map which shows current and planned coverage by address to help you find out if your home or business is or will be able to get a superfast broadband connection. It is updated monthly when fibre based broadband becomes available.


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Moot Hall

2:15 pm to

4:15 pm

Carpet Bowls


Bowls Club

2:00 pm

Dave Kuyper

01440 730373

Line Dancing


Village Hall

7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Betty George

01799 584527

Cavell Community Choir


St Mary's Church

8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Theresa Low

01440 731687

Sew Crafty


Lecture Hall at Congregational Church

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Sarah Perry

01440 730651



Village Hall

8:00 pm

Jan Hall

01440 730054

Braintree Community Transport:

Braintree Community Transport offer tailored transport from your home to your destination of choice and home again.  Transport is bookable at least the day before you need to travel.




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Steeple Bumpstead Emergency Plan for Emergency Contacts’. This may be updated at some point.

Click here to download the Emergency Plan Document

Parish Council’s Network Group

A Network Group has been formed from the Parish Councils of Birdbrook, Helions Bumpstead, Steeple Bumpstead and Sturmer. This will provide a valuable forum for members to share information and to discuss issues common to all the parishes. Our position on the northern edge of Essex, close to the borders with Suffolk and Cambridge, can sometimes create significant common problems.




( Jobbydoo Website)

Employment Website

Community Funding Availabe

There is funding available for qualifying local community projects from Tesco.


Consultation to merge the overall control of the Police and Fire Services in Essex :

Below is the link to a Consultation on the proposal to merge the overall control of the Police and Fire Services in Essex:



Please may we remind residents that weather conditions should always be taken into account when lighting a bonfire and the possibility of causing nuisance in the vicinity. If there is a problem with a bonfire causing a nuisance then the person lighting the bonfire should be approached and the situation explained to them. Trade waste should not be burned.

Superfast Essex need you to check the current State Aid broadband status for your address on our interactive State Aid map on this webpage and provide feedback with evidence if you disagree with the current classification shown. Details about the type of evidence required and instructions about how to obtain this are detailed in the public consultation feedback form. We also welcome feedback confirming the broadband status shown on the map is correct. We will accept responses from Parish/Town Councils on behalf of communities. You will still need to provide an address to complete the form; please then specify in the comments boxes provided if your consultation response applies to a full community or multiple addresses, please include a list of the addresses in your response.  If we require further clarification after we receive your response we will contact you.

Please note the map being consulted on will be used to decide whether properties are eligible for public subsidy in the future. This is different to the interactive rollout map which is separate to this consultation. The outcome of this consultation will form the basis for directing future investment by Essex County Council to improve broadband access, with the ambition to ensure everyone in the county has a superfast connection by 2021 at the latest.

Feedback on the consultation must only be submitted via the online public consultation feedback form available on the ‘What’s happening next?’ page at: www.superfastessex.org/whatshappeningnext. Residents in areas with poor connectivity are encouraged to take the time to visit libraries or use workplace computers to complete their feedback, as the team would like to hear from them in particular. Unfortunately, due to the volume of responses expected and the need to process them quickly, Superfast Essex is unable to offer the option of hard copy correspondence.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a vacancy has occurred in the office of Parish Councillor for Steeple Bumpstead Parish Council.

An election to fill the vacancy will be held if ten local government electors for the electoral area so request. Such request should be made in writing and must include name, address and signature. Requests must be submitted to the Proper Officer (Chief Executive) of Braintree District Council at Causeway House, Bocking End, Braintree CM7 9HB. The deadline for receipt of requests is no later than 5.00pm on 4 October 2017.

If an election is not requested as aforesaid the vacancy will be filled by the Parish Council as soon as is practicable.

15 September 2017

Mrs June Argent

Parish Clerk

Steeple Bumpstead Parish Council

The Moot Hall

Chapel Street

Steeple Bumpstead




Disqualifications for becoming a parish councillor:

1. You are the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order.

2. You have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more during the past 5 years.

3. You have been disqualified under the Representation of the People Act 1983 (which covers corrupt or illegal electoral practices and offences relating to donations).

Tree warden vacancy

Our tree warden, Simon Perry is leaving Steeple Bumpstead. He has been instrumental in keeping check on our village trees as our tree warden and proactive in the successful environmental group within the village. Thank you for all your hard work which is greatly appreciated by the village and Parish Council.


The Parish Council needs a volunteer tree warden to provide us with advice on tree issues.  If you think you are able and willing to do this then kindly contact the Clerk or any Parish Councillor.